About Us

   After years of working in furniture and mattress stores, Mike and Dan knew there was a better approach in assisting people to find a better night’s sleep. They both were tired of the gimmicks other stores were playing with the customers just to get the “sale”, they wanted to focus more on the customer getting a great night’s sleep and return on their investment. So, in April 2016 Hometown Mattress was born.

   Hometown Mattress has everyday savings without the gimmicks, from a twin mattress for a cabin to a luxury adjustable set. 

   At Hometown Mattress, we believe it’s about listening to the customers’ needs and wants in order to find them a great night’s sleep. With their vast knowledge of mattresses and sleep habits, and their outstanding customer support after the sale, including but not limited to, coming to your home at no charge if you ever have a warranty issue and with outstanding support from national mattress manufacturers, choosing Hometown Mattress for any mattress is the smart choice.

  As we are your friends, your neighbors, and a part of your community stop by and see Mike and Dan today.     


Discover a better way to shop for your new mattress, at Hometown Mattress.

Come in, get professionally fitted, by our knowledgeable and factory-trained mattress experts that care about your quality of sleep.

Hometown Mattress - Established in 2016 and designed to change how a consumer shops for a new mattress.  We are a family-owned business that prides ourselves in providing our customers with the expertise and ability to guide you to countless nights of peaceful sleep.

Our Owners – Mike & Dan have over 30+ years of experience in the mattress industry. They pride themselves in keeping up to date on how people sleep, and how a new mattress will make a better night's sleep. 

Meet the owners

Mike Franson, Owner

Dan Wackerfuss, Owner

Dan Wackerfuss, Owner


  Mike has been involved in the furniture business for 23 years. During that time, he has gained knowledge and expertise that he now applies daily to his own business. His ambition is to assist his customers in finding the right mattress to fit their personal needs. With his no pressure sales approach and helpful attitude, Mike is confident in his abilities and hopes you will consider Hometown Mattress for your next mattress purchase.

  Mike lives in Rice Lake with his wife Dawn. He has a son Michael, 22, and a daughter Beth, 25. When Mike isn’t working, he can be found on a golf course enjoying sunny days and a “relaxing” round or two of golf.    

Dan Wackerfuss, Owner

Dan Wackerfuss, Owner

Dan Wackerfuss, Owner


  Dan’s background and involvement in the furniture business for 12 + years lead him to opening his own business with Mike. Dan’s friendly demeanor and comprehensive proficiency in his profession are sure to put you at ease when you walk through the door of Hometown Mattress. Dan’s hope is that he can assist you in finding exactly what you are searching for by sharing his extensive knowledge and stress-free buying approach.

  Dan lives in Cumberland with his wife, Jessica and son Dylan, 17. He spends his winters at the hockey rink and summers he can be found sitting around a fire with family and friends. 

Meet the Staff

#1 Sheep

Samantha Burger (Sam or Sammy)

Samantha Burger (Sam or Sammy)


#1 has been with Hometown Mattress from the beginning, his hobbies include sneaking into the store late at night to lower prices, grazing in the meadow during the day, and he also enjoys napping on all the mattress and testing all the pillows. He really enjoys seeing everyone at all the parades. 

Stop in and see him today!

(you never know where he will be)

Samantha Burger (Sam or Sammy)

Samantha Burger (Sam or Sammy)

Samantha Burger (Sam or Sammy)


 Sam is our newest sales professional. She is very friendly and outgoing and most times is described as bubbly. She is very excited to help everyone with all of their sleep-related needs.

Sam was born and raised in Clayton, WI and still resides there today. She is married and her and her husband Charlie have 3 dogs, which she describes as her kids, and a very large extended family. 

They love to ride motorcycle in the summer months and Sam likes to read books and cook and bake. She also loves to listen to music of all kinds.